Jan 27, 2005

Public release of IDEtalk plugin

After several months of non-intensive work I managed to make a public release of the IDEtalk plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

You can exchange stacktraces, view open files of a user from your contact list, and open local version of the user's file. Currently it supports IntelliJ IDEA 4.5.x/5.0 EAP and uses P2P connections in the local network (no specific server installation is required).

I'm going to add chat and Jabber support in the next release.

More information and installation instructions can be found at http://www.idetalk.com

Looking forward for your comments and feature requests!



Alexey Efimov said...

Cool, could you planned also to support Oscar (ICQ) protocol in IDETalk?

And also, some support for dialog?
- That a fu$#% bug?!
- Where?
-> Stacktrace
- Look here:
And one developer send to another Shipnet as File.java:12

That show editor in IDEA with File.java positioned to line 15.


Kir Maximov said...

Thanks for the comment!

1. Why do you prefer OSCAR over XMPP(Jabber)?
2. I think you'll get such dialogs in 1.0 release :)

Scott said...

Hi Kirill,

I see you will support multiple IDE's with this plugin. Does that mean the plugin will work across different IDE's (Eclipse and IDEA for example)? In my company I am the only one who actually uses IDEA and everyone else uses Eclipse. So I wondered if the plugin will allow me to send a stacktrace from IDEA to another contact using Eclipse?


Kir Maximov said...

Hello Scott,

Yes, I'm planning to provide cross-IDE features, but it will happen after 1.0 release. Please see the preliminary roadmap at http://www.idetalk.com (I've just uploaded it there).

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello, our group here is spread over several cities, and works on a project with ~4000 classes. I just installed this plugin, and hopefully will be back with comments at a later date. I am working now on getting someone else to install it so we can check it out.