Feb 23, 2005

IDEtalk 0.5 beta

I wanted to do is ten days ago, but I'm doing it only now. Now you can try the beta of IDEtalk plugin 0.5 - probably the last version before 1.0.
New features are:
  • Separate toolwindow for incoming/outgoing messages.
  • Diff between local and remote version of the file in View User Files dialog.
  • Send plain messages (try double-click on user name).
  • Send code pointers/selection (right-click in Editor area). Uses diff algorithm for better positioning when local and remote files differ.
  • Reply to the last opened message.
You can get 0.5.beta1 here: http://www.idetalk.com/idetalk-0.5.beta1.zip.

The complete changelog is available in this Yahoo groups message. If there won't be any critical issues, I'll release 0.5 on this weekend.
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