Feb 23, 2005

IDEtalk 0.5 beta

I wanted to do is ten days ago, but I'm doing it only now. Now you can try the beta of IDEtalk plugin 0.5 - probably the last version before 1.0.
New features are:
  • Separate toolwindow for incoming/outgoing messages.
  • Diff between local and remote version of the file in View User Files dialog.
  • Send plain messages (try double-click on user name).
  • Send code pointers/selection (right-click in Editor area). Uses diff algorithm for better positioning when local and remote files differ.
  • Reply to the last opened message.
You can get 0.5.beta1 here: http://www.idetalk.com/idetalk-0.5.beta1.zip.

The complete changelog is available in this Yahoo groups message. If there won't be any critical issues, I'll release 0.5 on this weekend.


Mike Liu said...

I see that your code (v.0.5) is using for multicast. This doesn't seem to work in my company's network. Is there any way, that you know of, to get around this problem? Or can we make the multicast ip and port configurable?

Anonymous said...

I tried to open that port (2863) in my firewall on OS X but that didn't help. I can send messages but can't receive them. What is the port range that IDEtalk is using?