Apr 29, 2005

IDEtalk 0.5.4 / JSE7 integration?


I've released IDEtalk 0.5.4. This is bugfix release, for details please see this mailing list post.

Recently I've found a message from Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine regarding collaboration in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7. If Sun will open their collaboraiton API, I'll probably implement the transport which would allow IDEtalk to talk with JSE 7. But not earlier than Jabber transport will be ready :).


IntelliJ IDEA as HTML editor

Do you know that well-known Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA gradually becomes really cool XHTML/CSS editor? Especially for those hackers who prefer hand-code-writing instead of big mighty fat wizards and predefined hard-coded templates?

My better half reveals some new Web-oriented features of forthcoming IDEA 5.0 aka Irida.

I think it is time to try IDEA EAP :)

Apr 12, 2005

IDEtalk 0.5.3 - bugfix release

I've released a bugfix release of IDEtalk plugin. It fixes those known issues in 0.5.2 I mentioned in the previous post, namely, MacOS, IPv6 problems and several memory leaks.
So now I focus on 1.0 and Jabber support. It looks like Smack is a really great XMPP library to use for it. At least, it has nice API, debugging facilities and allows to create XMPP extensions easily.

The sad story is that I'll have to ask user to register on a server to use Jabber transport. From Cooper's point of view, it is true excise, but I have no idea on how to eliminate it. Anyway, security issues become important when communication goes outside the local network.

Apr 7, 2005

IDEtalk 0.5.2

I've released IDEtalk 0.5.2. I even tried to sell it in IntelliJ plugins newsgroup, but failed (probably, Apr 1 is not the proper date for such announcements ;).
What's new:

- URLs in icoming messages are recognized (browser opens only in
Irida - lack of OpenAPI in 4.5)
- Hard wrapping for sent messages
- Send stacktrace dialog size honors stacktrace text size
- Fix D-n-D for several users
- Next button for the case of several messages from the same recipient
- Add notification label for future IDEtalk versions. So you'll
get notified right after release of tbe next version of the plugin.

Known issues:
- Works unstable when IPv6 is used
- Startup-time exception on MacOS
- Memory leak (holds reference to project after project closing)

Download and enjoy!