Apr 7, 2005

IDEtalk 0.5.2

I've released IDEtalk 0.5.2. I even tried to sell it in IntelliJ plugins newsgroup, but failed (probably, Apr 1 is not the proper date for such announcements ;).
What's new:

- URLs in icoming messages are recognized (browser opens only in
Irida - lack of OpenAPI in 4.5)
- Hard wrapping for sent messages
- Send stacktrace dialog size honors stacktrace text size
- Fix D-n-D for several users
- Next button for the case of several messages from the same recipient
- Add notification label for future IDEtalk versions. So you'll
get notified right after release of tbe next version of the plugin.

Known issues:
- Works unstable when IPv6 is used
- Startup-time exception on MacOS
- Memory leak (holds reference to project after project closing)

Download and enjoy!