Jun 21, 2005

IDEtalk status

Recently I made a bad move - release of IDEtalk 0.5.6 without proper testing of the distribution. Moreover, I announced this release at Javalobby and java.net.

As a result, in the same day I got a bug report that release was unusable (some class files were missing from the distribution) so I made a fix - IDEtalk I have to admit that my "quick fingers" sometimes make me sorry, and that was one of the worst cases :(. Well, I'll be much more careful in the future and never release a distribution without proper testing of the very file I'm going to release.

Work on the Jabber support in progress. I've come to a conclusion that Jabber contact list entries in IDEtalk should be synchronized with server-side Jabber roster of the user and I'm very close to imlementing this behaviour. So IDEtalk will work as a normal Jabber client + will have code-related extensions for those contacts who use IDEtalk as well.

Unfortunately, it seems that my initial estimates for 1.0 were somewhat optimistic. But I hope to release 1.0 in July or at least in August.

Jun 9, 2005

IDEtalk 0.5.5

.. has been released. This is a bugfix release with minor improvements, please see this message for details.

Download as usual either at plugin site or via IntelliJ IDEA's plugin manager.