Jul 19, 2005

IDEA 5.0 release candidate/First Powered by Fabrique site

Finally, the first release candidate of IDEA 5.0 aka Irida is out. I'd like to congratulate my colleagues from IDEA team with this hard milestone. The "official" list of new features is available on the Jetbrains site, plain list of changes is also available from the EAP site.

BTW, you can get IDEA 5.0 for free if you buy IDEA 4.5. Moreover, if you're working on an open source project, you can try to get a free open source license.

Another nice thing is that our friends from MIIK Ltd. have released a new version of JNIWrapper site. And this site is powered by Fabrique, the product I'm working on!

These news are good, but I have a better reason for celebration - my son has a birthday today :).