Dec 10, 2005

Build Server: Web

Dmitry Jemerov made a very good overview of what kept me busy for the last couple of weeks.

The initial Web-interface of the Build Server was ugly and hardly usable, and the current version looks and works much better.

Sashka had created an accurate sketch for the build status overview interface, and described its behaviour. I just had to make it real. Thanks to prototype library, AJAX updates were implemented mostly painless. But is was much harder with visual effects (in fact, I spent a couple of days trying to expand/collapse a table row in IE using aculos. I solved the problem by patching prototype.js).

And what with IDEtalk? Well, I'd love to work on it but Build Server currently has higher priority. I've made several Jabber-related fixes, sending code pointers for library sources, and viewing a diff between local and remote version of arbitrary project file.

If you happen to visit JavaPolis next week, Max Shafirov and Mike Aizatsky will give you an overview of the forthcoming Demetra and Build Server features, answer your questions and even give you a chance to win one of 20 free IDEA licences.

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This is a great post. The detail makes it easy to follow along.

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