Nov 20, 2006

Release woes

Shit happens. You've prepared final release build, marked it as 1.1 and put on the site. Next day a couple of people from your company comes - they found an unnoticed critical bug. Because of strange consequence of events this bug wasn't noticed before.

Bug is fixed, new 1.1.1 build is uploaded to the main site, build number is corrected.
Next day you got an e-mail from support with message "whether 1.1.1 was really released?". Because of strange consequence of events the download path on the site still points to TeamCity 1.1. As long as all announces were already published, you wonder how many users downloaded the non-updated version. Sigh.

TeamCity announce on was published under the title "IntelliJ IDEA 6.0.2 released". Cool.

Ups. Your latest fix for 1.1.1 introduced another critical bug - code coverage information from TeamCity cannot be viewed in IDEA. Looks like we really have plans for TeamCity 1.1.2.

But TeamCity's roadmap will be a subject of the next post.