Jan 31, 2007

Agra: popups everywhere

Just a couple of screenshots from the latest EAP of TeamCity.
Quick access to artifacts:

Quick access to the list of failed tests:

Jan 26, 2007

Humanized and Enzo

I've read about that tool at 37 Signals and watched the short demo. I should say it looks brilliant. Quite obvious for Mac users but it is first time I see such a good implementation on Windows.

In fact, they put to life "Command" button inspired by Jeff Raskin in his The Humane Interface book. The implementation is simple, and very impressive - they just use "Caps Lock" key as such "Command" button.

And looks like Aza Raskin (who is one of the owners of Humanized) is a good son of his father.

Well, I'd like to see Linux port of this tool. Anyone?