Mar 1, 2007

How EAP works

I'm really excited how TeamCity EAP program works. Using our discussion forum, people report bug, problems, enhancements, features, ask for and got real help. We're trying hard to answer all questions and requests, and though it takes noticeable time, it's worth doing it.

One small example.

Some time ago we got a message from Jacques Morel regarding support for third-party reporting tools in TeamCity. After some discussion with Dave Griffith and Tim McNerney it turned into an interesting feature - custom reporting tab for any third-party reporting tool, which provides report in web-enabled format (e.g. html, text, image etc). Such a tab can be configured with just one line of xml, which describes title of the tab and content location in the artifacts directory of the corresponding build.
So it was implemented; we've migrated our EMMA coverage support to this approach, and released a EAP with this feature.

You may see how this feature works for Etienne Studer
Try it yourself in our latest EAP - I hope you'll like it :)

Another exciting feature of TeamCity, which is already available in the EAP - Eclipse plugin with personal builds, own changes view and build status information.

And if you want more features, or have any suggestions about the implemented ones - we'll be glad to get your feedback in our EAP.


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