Apr 28, 2008

TeamCity developer blog

TeamCity team has decided that it might be a good idea to have an own "unofficial" developer blog. It's a kind of experiment, because most developer's time is spent on, well, developing. But sometimes it is enticing to share some ideas, findings, tell about a feature which will be available in the next EAP build. And this stuff may be too "unofficial" and personal to go to the main product blog.

Anyway, this blog already has some interesting notes and I hope it will emerge over the time.

So, starting from this moment, I'm going to post TeamCity-related articles to developer blog (and even added it to my FriendFeed stuff).

BTW, on the home page of the blog there is a poll about which new SCM should be supported by the next version of TeamCity - Calcutta. Add your vote!

Apr 22, 2008

href value for javascript link anchor

If you create a link with javascript handler, and href attribute doesn't matter for you, do not use # as the value of the attribute. This results in page scrolling to the top of the page in MSIE.

Instead, use value like javascript:// - this is safe and most browsers will ignore it. And this is what you want when you have an onclick handler, isn't it?

Update: I was pointed out, that if javascript click event was cancelled in onclick handler (like Event.stop(e) in prototype), you can safely put # to the href, because default click behaviour will be disabled in this case. This works, but I still prefer to put javascript:// to the link href - IMO this reveals intentions more explicit.