Apr 22, 2008

href value for javascript link anchor

If you create a link with javascript handler, and href attribute doesn't matter for you, do not use # as the value of the attribute. This results in page scrolling to the top of the page in MSIE.

Instead, use value like javascript:// - this is safe and most browsers will ignore it. And this is what you want when you have an onclick handler, isn't it?

Update: I was pointed out, that if javascript click event was cancelled in onclick handler (like Event.stop(e) in prototype), you can safely put # to the href, because default click behaviour will be disabled in this case. This works, but I still prefer to put javascript:// to the link href - IMO this reveals intentions more explicit.

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Atea webservices & seo said...

Thank you, I was looking for putting javascript in the href, but this is even better!

Tested it on FF3, IE6&8 and Safari on Windows.

Thanks for sharing!