Aug 3, 2008

We named it Checkvist

We've finally decided to open public registration for our pet project.

This is an online task management service, similar to those already available on the Web (like RTM or todoist).

What's the difference? We're trying to make a tool which allows

  • Work fast. From the very beginning, we strive to provide usable keyboard navigation around checklists.
  • Work together. You can share a checklist, add comments to tasks, send notifications to your colleagues.
  • Brainstorm on large complicated tasks, splitting them into a hierarchy of subtasks.
  • Repeat activities. Sometimes you have to go through a checklist again and again (like when you publish a book or release another version of your software). You can create a checklist once and clone it when the work should be repeated.

Interested? Here it is:
Feedback forum:

We like our tool, please try it, you might like it as well :)

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