Nov 30, 2008

TeamCity 4.0 runs Checkvist's tests

I'm working on two projects: TeamCity - a rather popular continuous integration and build management server, and Checkvist - a simple and fast online outliner with task sharing and keyboard navigation.

I use Checkvist to plan my work on TeamCity, and recently I got a chance to use TeamCity to assist Checkvist development.

TeamCity recently reached its next milestone - 4.0 release. One of the interesting things it has is Rake build runner (so it can test Ruby and Rails projects).

You know, software must be tested before the release. So I tested this runner by creating a Checkvist build configuration in TeamCity. It happened to work so nice, that I couldn't resist to prepare a short and dirty demo

Definetely, I had to break some Checklist tests to demonstrate some cool TeamCity features :)

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