Nov 5, 2010

Internet Explorer AJAX errors debugging in Prototype

This is a short story I want to put down for those who face the same problem.

In Checkvist project, there is some not very trivial AJAX code. We use Prototype javascript library for AJAX handling. Prototype allows to specify error dispatcher for AJAX javascript errors, and as a fallback solution, I set window.alert() to report errors.

Several days ago I got a bug report related to list deletion operation in Checkvist - Internet Explorer showed a couple of alert error dialogs. The problem was intermittent on the production server, and I couldn't reproduce it locally at all.

Really nice and cool development tools in IE8 couldn't help me. I've had an exception object in my error handler, but there is no way to obtain stacktrace from it and find out where the real problem occurred.

I tried to rethrow the caught exception so IE would show me what happened - no luck.

After plenty of digging in Google I found a hint. IE can debug an error occurred in Javascript code only if it wasn't wrapped in try/catch block. So if you handle problems yourself - there is no way to catch the real problem in the Internet Explorer debugger.

To solve the problem I had to remove all try/catch blocks from Prototype's AJAX code, put it to the staging server, spend another 10 minutes to reproduce the problem, and - voila! - got an invitation dialog from IE8 to debug the uncaught error.

That was it. The error was fixed, Prototype was reverted to original state, code put to the production.

If you know another solution for the problem - please comment, I'd be glad to know.

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