May 9, 2013

Day one, persistent storage and native HTML5 wrapper research

I'm going to keep a log of useful notes on a way to mobile Checkvist app. Not sure how patient I will be, let's see.

Persistent storage

First, I tried to figure out the current options for offline storage in the mobile app.

Looks like the most obvious choice could be WebSQL, but this spec is deprecated since 2011, though supported on all major mobile platforms.

The alternative standard, IndexedDB, is much less wide-spread, and less performant.

Here is a useful overview of offline options, and here are slides from a related talk (with a big list of intermediate libraries for offline storage).

So far, I'm considering using this Ydn-DB library to create an intermediate layer for data persisting.

Native wrapper for HTML5 app

Tried PhoneGap, which is essentially Apache Cordova

This library allows to create a native app, which wraps a Web-browser and which provides a bunch of APIs for accessing native features of the device.

The first thing which stroke me was that I had to use symbolic links to share common part of the app between iOS and Android versions of the same application.

The code of the application is deployed with the native app, but you can make AJAX calls to remote servers (though I didn't test it yet).

By the way, Android plugin for IntelliJ IDEA works with Android Cordova app just fine :)

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